Part3 editing Data

1. Tap the ”i" icon on the data to edit ,

2. After editing data, tap "Save" on the top right. 

Part4 Delete the checked data

1. Tap the icon on the bottom.

2. Tap "Delete check items".

3.  Tap "OK" when the confirmation message is displayed.

4. Checked items had been deleted.

Part5 Sorting Data

1.Tap the icon on the bottom.

2. Tap the "Set sort order".

3. Select the sorting conditions, and tap "Done" on the top right,

4. Data is displayed with sorted.

Part6 Editing folder name

1. Swipe the folder to the left.

2. Tap "Edit".

3. Input folder name and tap "OK".

4. The folder name has been changed.

Part7 Sorting folders.

1. Open the folder list and tap "Edit".

2. You can sort the folders by tapping the right side of the screen and moving up or down.

3. When finished editing, tap "Done" on the top right.

4. Folders have been sorted.